Our 2016-2017 Students!

Websites for Homework and Learning Practice

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 Step by step videos provided by OJUSD. Choose your grade level, module, and lesson for problem set samples and homework help videos.






 Select HOMEWORK HELPERS to get step by step instructions for select lessons. Not all lessons are available for free.



3t62mqN9s2QjpyHy0CTEcg-smaller_logo.png Video explanations for math, science, and more! Free and no need to sign up. Just choose your topic from the SUBJECT bar at the top of the website.



  Play games to practice your ABC and early reading skills. Great for beginning readers! 






 Watch cartoon-style videos to learn topics form science, history, math, arts, health, engineering, and more! Some videos are available for free.




logo_hover_red.pngWhat do you wonder about? Practice your reading skill by asking an "I wonder..." question and read all about the answer. Find out if toads give you warts, how video games are made, and much more!



news-f3a8e624689425102e9e5de00789be1a.png Read about what is going on in the world with news stories written for kids. Great for practicing Common Core Reading Standards by reading informational text.




Practice your math skills by advancing through game levels. Free to sign up and play!